Angola Trip Day 3

Today was our final day in Germany before heading south. Really far south. The pace was a touch slower, but we still managed to walk a couple hundred miles or so and see some sights. Most importantly, to me anyway, we saw the Gutenberg museum in Mainz. It was, quite frankly, amazing.

Below are three of Gutenberg’s famous Bibles. Three, out of the 40 or so that exist still today. 550 year old masterpieces. I had goosebumps for real. Though that also could have been because photographing was forbidden at the Museum. Shhhhh. Don’t tell.


Gutenberg made the world smarter. He taught us to read and provided a way for knowledge to be shared in a way never before possible. It’s no wonder that around his time and after we started to traverse the world thinking we could make it better. Or make money off it if nothing else.

I’m pretty excited for what comes next. Not for the 8+ hour flight mind you. But by morning well be a true world away. One I, or good old Gutenberg, have any real reference for. We will be strangers in a strange land. I’m not sure we can make it any better. And I know we shouldn’t even try. But I a excited to see what we see and learn what we can learn.

See you on the other side of the world!