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MeTalk: In Defense of Church Property

If you are involved in a more traditional church, like I am, you know there is no end of time or money that can be spent in keeping up church buildings.  The most original part of our structure is now … Continue reading

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LinkTo: Christianity is communication

A few years ago I attended a conference and heard Shane Hipps give this talk in person.  And look, now you can hear it for free! If you are a leader in the church today, watch, it’s worth your time … Continue reading

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LinkTo: The Nielsen Family is dead

The Nielsen Family is dead.  And you know, it’s about time. For decades the success of a television show has depended almost solely on the finicky taste of the Nielsen Family.  A family with a few thousand members who decide … Continue reading

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Required “Friend”ship

I would be the first to admit that main line churches struggle to deal with new realities.  We have created large systems to respond to the needs of the world but now find they are decades out to date.  As … Continue reading

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