HowTo: Easy and Memorable Easter Children’s Message #DirtyMinistry Style

IMG_1679I’ve used this one at every church I’ve served.  It’s really hard to reclaim the surprise of the empty tomb when everyone knows the story so well.  This method uses an egg to build the tension and make the point.

What you’ll need

  1. 1 raw egg (maybe two)
  2. 1 thumb tack
  3. 1 bambo kaabab skewer
  4. Bowl
  5. Lungs

IMG_1672First, use the thumb tack to make two small holes in either end.  Just push it in gently but firmly.

IMG_1673Next, use the skewer to make one hole a little larger.  Also, take the opportunity to mix the contents of the egg around a bit, making sure to break the yoke.

IMG_1674Now put the egg over the bowl with the larger hole facing down.  Now blow gently into the smaller hole.  The “contents” should come out the bottom.  It’s oddly satisfying once you get it all out.



Once you got the egg as empty as possible my personal preference is to nuke it in the microwave for 10 seconds.  We’re still dealing with raw egg here and to my mind cooked egg is better.  No more than 10 seconds though or the steam from the inside will crack the egg.


So now you have an egg, that when held just so, looks perfectly normal.  If you want even more realizem use a white egg and cover over the holes with white out.

Now the fun part.

On Sunday morning put the egg in a carton with a couple others (preferably hard boiled but not cracked).  Bring it down with this kids and ask the what they think eggs have to do with Easter.  With luck you’ll get some fun answers.

Next give them the red harring.  Pull out your empty egg, show it to the kids, then talk a little about how new life comes out of eggs, maybe ask what type of animals are born from eggs, things like that.  People will assume that’s all you got.

Next, throw the curve.  Ask for a volunteer.  Someone who won’t mind getting a little messy.  Once you have someone move them to the center and ask them to make a bowl with their hands nice and tight.  Here’s the part where you want to ham it up a bit.  If they are wearing and Easter suit or dress comment about how you hope it’s not dry clean only.  Stuff like that.

Once you’ve got everyone set, and parents perched nervously in the pews, tell them that to really understand the new life that Easter offers we really should look inside the egg.  Then, taking as much time as you like, crack the egg on something and make like your emptying it into their hands.  If you sell it the kids should react with surprise when nothing comes out.

Then on to the real message.  The new life of Easter doesn’t always come in expected forms.  The women who visited Jesus’ tomb expected to find him their.  They were shocked that it was empty and couldn’t believe what they were told.  We must always be ready for God to surprise us, and when he does, we must be ready to believe in what seems unbelievable.  Easter is not just another day or event.  It is THE DAY and THE EVENT.  We should be be constantly surprised by God if we are truly being part of his work on earth.

Honestly, you could use the same technique for several different lessons.  This is just my favorite.

Happy Easter!





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  1. Used this last year for Easter and it worked amazing. Get a volunteer who when you crack the egg has no idea it is empty, but would have been good if it were.

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