LinkTo: Church Traditionalists Livid at Pope for Washing Feet of Two Girls on Holy Thursday

Pope-FeetI have been watching this new Pope with great enthusiasm.  Starting by paying is hotel bill, refusing the Popemobile, staying out of the Vatican penthouse, and then this Thursday washing the feet of inmates on Maundy Thursday, even this dyed in the wool protestant is taking notice.

Well, as some might expect, the honeymoon allowing for this kind nuttiness unchecked might be short lived.  Apparently the Thursday incident violated some arcane church rule, and some have taken the opportunity to point that out.

Many of us wish we could reform our institutional churches overnight, but in the largest, most institutional of all, we are all going to to get a lesson in how real reform happens.  Or, at least I hope thats what we are going to see as Pope Francis keeps up his work.

True reform happens when the hearts and minds of the masses are won over to a new way of thinking.  It cannot happen by force.  Which is why I think Pope Francis is going about this the exact right way.  Edicts and proclamations are all well and good, but it is lived examples we will remember most.

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