LinkTo: ‘Strip for me’ billboard draws attention

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 10.21.17 AMIt was Mother’s day 2011, I had a 102 degree fever, the scripture was Peter being offered unclean food (Acts 10:1-33), and the sermon was about pornography.  Needless to say it was a memorable Sunday.

The crux of the message was that God calls us to uncomfortable places, and we are called to go and offer love and grace.  Even to people we don’t want to offer love to.  Even to people we think don’t deserve love.  Even if it goes against everything we were raised to believe.

The fine folks at XXX Church provided the perfect example with their “Jesus Loves Porn Stars” bible.

The point of that Sunday wasn’t just to bring light to the issue of porn in today’s world (and it is a big issue), but it also was to remind people that even those in the porn industry are valuable to God.  And, if we are to claim God is interested in our life, our progress, and our care, we can’t exclude ANYBODY from that same concern.


I ran across the article with the above picture and I was intrigued.  I don’t know this church, I don’t know what their theology is, and I’m not sure what their motivation was for putting up the sign.  Even not knowing that, I’m challenged by their willingness to take on directly a place, activity, and population that most good church people would like to ignore completely.

Who are we ignoring in our community?  My congregation was born out of a population of marginalized German immigrants living on the wrong side of the tracks. Now, Hispanic families dominate the same area.  Are we called there?  To the reservations that dot our state?  To the non-traditional families that populate our free store?

And perhaps most important question of all:  Are we spending as much time, energy, and money to reach those at the margins as we are those at the center?

I’m not sure.

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