LinkTo: Church Traditionalists Livid at Pope for Washing Feet of Two Girls on Holy Thursday

Pope-FeetI have been watching this new Pope with great enthusiasm.  Starting by paying is hotel bill, refusing the Popemobile, staying out of the Vatican penthouse, and then this Thursday washing the feet of inmates on Maundy Thursday, even this dyed in the wool protestant is taking notice.

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HowTo: Easy and Memorable Easter Children’s Message #DirtyMinistry Style

IMG_1679I’ve used this one at every church I’ve served.  It’s really hard to reclaim the surprise of the empty tomb when everyone knows the story so well.  This method uses an egg to build the tension and make the point.

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LinkTo: ‘Strip for me’ billboard draws attention

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 10.21.17 AMIt was Mother’s day 2011, I had a 102 degree fever, the scripture was Peter being offered unclean food (Acts 10:1-33), and the sermon was about pornography.  Needless to say it was a memorable Sunday.

The crux of the message was that God calls us to uncomfortable places, and we are called to go and offer love and grace.  Even to people we don’t want to offer love to.  Even to people we think don’t deserve love.  Even if it goes against everything we were raised to believe.

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MeTalk: In Defense of Church Property

churchIf you are involved in a more traditional church, like I am, you know there is no end of time or money that can be spent in keeping up church buildings.  The most original part of our structure is now over 80 years old.  Assembled over time, it’s a mix of 2 and 3 prong outlets, carpets, and walls that meet at odd angles.

Some might argue that the amount of energy and money it takes to keep up our brick clad building going is too much.  I’ve heard it suggested, indirectly and directly, that many of us are more interested in our buildings than we are in our faith.  In fact, bemoaning church property is starting to feel a bit tired.  If you don’t find yours of value, sell it.  No argument from me.

All of this did lead my engineer mind to ask the question, how do you measure the value of a church building?  Some say they are a burden that ought be left behind.  Others argue they are necessary to the life of the church.    How are we to decide?  They can’t all be dust filled warehouses of bygone days.

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LinkTo: Christianity is communication

A few years ago I attended a conference and heard Shane Hipps give this talk in person.  And look, now you can hear it for free!

If you are a leader in the church today, watch, it’s worth your time [27 minutes to be exact].

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